George Warhorse

01. Country Ghetto
02. A Woman
03. Brighter Days
04. Air
05. War
06. Lochloosa
07. Dirtfloorcracker
08. Orange Blossoms
09. Ho Cake
10. The Sweetest Thing
11. The Sun Is Shining Down
12. On Fire
13. Hide & Seek
14. Slow, Hot & Sweaty
15. King Hummingbird


or order from JJ Grey & Mofro - Brighter Days


Brighter Days is Grey’s first-ever live DVD/CD. The two-disc set includes a full-length movie and a long-awaited live album. Directed by filmmaker/musician Spookie Daly (whose work has been aired on MTV Networks, Much Music and Fuse), the film intersperses riveting concert footage with the stunning beauty of Grey’s north Florida home, the inspiration for so much of his music. The film also follows Grey and company into the studio and features band interviews along with insightful commentary from Grey and others, recalling the format of classic “rockumentaries.” The accompanying CD captures almost eighty minutes of crowd favorites taken from the night’s performances.